Medical Basic Care

We provide support on medical matters for all ages from infants to seniors. For any questions please contact our medical practice assistants or set up an appointment.

Family Doctors model

In the family doctor’s model, the family doctor oversees the major role in treatments and therapies. If necessary you will be referred to a specialist or to a hospital. All of our doctors are members of the “ Zuger Aerztegesellschaft ” and provide the family doctors model.


We recommend frequent routine check ups in which we test the heart function, the lung function and the blood values in detail. These procedures are performed on demand by various machines like an EKG, a x-ray machine, or a lung function device.


Regular Gynecological exams and check-ups are important for women at all ages. If you do not already have a gynecologist, we offer you the opportunity to do this examination with us. We offer general advice and PAP-wipes

Driving Ability Evaluation

We can do the obligatory traffic medical examination for you. In addition we can do the Driving Ability Level 2 Examination for Trucks. This is conducted by Gabriela Baschung and Urs Hürlimann.

Diving Examination

In order to get a diving licence for sports diving a medical certificate, in most cases, is required. We can do this examination with you following the guidelines of SSMSH, SSMSI, SUHMS, SGUHM.

Vaccinations / Vaccination Advice

We can provide overall immunization or vaccination for travel at our practice.


Do you suffer from hayfever or have pet hair or bee venom allergies? We provide allergen immunotherapy treatment that can help you to build a tolerance to certain allergens and reduce the adverse reactions.

Small Surgical Intervention

Do you have a suspicious mole, an ingrown toenail, small skin tumor or even and acute cut or wound? Our doctors have the knowledge and expertise to treat these things properly.

Consultation on diabetes

Our medical practice coordinator will perform a diabetes consultation with you on behalf of the doctor. Your nutrition and lifestyle habits will be analyzed, an action plan will be created and adjusted frequently as needed. After speaking with the doctor we can also adjust the diabetes medication.

Chronic Wound Treatment

If you suffer from a chronic wound our medical practice coordinator features the best knowledge to treat this.

Iron Infusion Therapy

If oral iron therapy is not sufficient you have the option of iron infusion therapy. This process takes at least an hour as the iron must be injected very slowly.

rheumatism consultation

In cooperation with the Swiss Rheumatism League and the treating physicians, our medical practice coordinator offers a rheumatism consultation, especially for osteoporosis. Here you can learn more about special tools, how to protect yourself from falls or what influence nutrition and exercise may have

Nutritional advice

Twice a month on Friday afternoon our team is supported by a professional nutritional advisor from OVIVA. These appoinments can be held at our doctors office. Our experts analyses your nutrition and helps you plan a healthy and balanced diet

Manual Therapy

Manual therapy utilizes hands-on techniques to treat musculoskeletal pain and disability. The therapy is based on Chiropractic and Osteopathic techniques. Dr. Sabine Peters is trained in these techniques and provides these special treatments.